The benefits of XTEND at a glance

Expansion movement of 110 to 500 mm

XTEND Road surface expansion joints are available as single profile construction with or without noise protection plates with an expansion path of 100 mm or as collar finger construction with an expansion path of 110 to 500 mm. The product range comprises designs for new constructions as well as for the replacement of existing road surface expansion joints.

Solid, partially reduced version

Due to a solid version on the basis of a central support profile, the XTEND system convinces in its amount of few parts, continuous weld seams and an optimised transmission of forces thanks to precise mechanically machined surfaces.

Quiet and permanently leak-tight

The toothing of the collar finger construction optimised in its geometric implementation reduces noise and ensures for an improved driving dynamic. The mode of design rules out joints that are transverse to the driving direction and thus implements a low noise emission and comfortable travel operation.