System XTEND 100-500F

Thanks to the newly created construction method, Aigner Albrecht were able to manufacture a maintenance-free system with mechanically highly precise contact surfaces machined conforming to standards for anti-slip pre-stressed joints.

Fittings that can be replaced as well as a central support profile
being particular features.

Expansion paths 100 to 500 mm

XTEND road surface expansion joints with a collar finger construction expansion path of 100 to 500 mm. The system can be used in new constructions as well as in renovations.

Pioneering construction

Fittings conforming to standards ensure for an enormous load bearing capacity as well as an easy replacement without mechanical processing when required.
The drain channel can be replaced from the top and bottom and can be pulled out from the side.

Injection hoses

In order to be able to compensate irregularities under the steel sub-structure when filling with concrete, our expansion joints can be equipped with injection hoses. These guarantee tightness and correct support on the concrete.